Antares is dedicated to the development, supply, quality inspection, marketing and sales of a wide range of wood products from various Brazilian manufacturers to different customers / partners in different countries.

We have successfully exported wood products to the United Kingdom, USA, Caribbean Islands, United Arab Emirates, Jamaica, Haiti, Mexico, Guyana, Trinidad Tobago, Suriname, Netherlands Antilles and South Africa. Our company is continually making efforts to improve existing partnerships as well as establishing new ones. Antares is a company committed to customer satisfaction.


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    Long and solid partnership with logistics agents, warehouses, forwarders, etc.

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    Side dish

    Follow up at all stages of the process.

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    Company time

    More than 27 years of market.

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    Extensive experience in dealing with foreign clients (different languages, customs, habits, cultures, etc.)

Environmental responsibility

The wood used by Antares partners comes from sustainable and renewable sources. Most of these forests are FSC Certified - Forest Stewardship Council - an international organization responsible for promoting responsible management of the world's forests. As an exporter of wood products, Antares is essentially aware of working in partnership with other companies that also have environmental responsibility and concern to keep our forests alive.


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